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League One side Bolton Wanderers are going through a tumultuous stage with management staff trading accusations.

Co-owner Dean Holdsworth has denied the claims of his partner and chair of the club Ken Anderson who said he did not invest his share of required funds, hence the reason Bolton sold striker Zach Clough.

Bolton sold the striker, even though they needed his services, to Nottingham Forest for £2.5 million. Anderson said the club made the decision, as they needed the funds for smooth sailing in the absence of funds from Holdsworth. He made the claims in a statement, which Holdsworth has now denied.

Forty eight year old Holdsworth said he was not aware of the transfer deadline sale of the former Bolton striker.
“The sale happened without any communication to me and was not brought to the attention of, nor approved by, the board. Ken Anderson made that decision and negotiated the terms of the deal done. I had no involvement in the sale. Unfortunately, for many months I have been excluded from management business, including negotiations about players,” Holdsworth said.

The joint owners took over the former Premier League side in the first quarter of last year but they have fallen apart. The company Holdsworth used to buy the club released a statement sometime back that he would not invest more funds into the club. He accused Anderson of poor management and confirmed that the owners of the club were in a dispute over several issues.

The supporters are the real losers in the dispute between the joint owners as it means the club would be stagnated. There are many questions and accusations but time will tell what happens next.