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Freedman Unable To Make Signings


The manager of Bolton Wanderers, Dougie Freedman, wants a quality striker or two desperately, but, he obviously has the budget problem and that’s why, he hasn’t been able to make the signings as per his desire so far. But, the situation is getting panicky now for Bolton. Their frontline appears to be extremely weak.

Freedman is not that experienced as manager. Apart from Bolton, he has just managed one other club i.e. Crystal Palace. But, he is quite a patient man. He knows well that because of the lack of funds, he can’t sign a player at whichever time he likes. He has to bide his time. He has to closely observe the activities of the other clubs, which players they are releasing, which players they are prepared to place on loan, etcetera, etcetera and he is doing exactly that.

Talking to the reporters the other day, Freedman said, “If you’ve got enough money, it’s easy to dominate the transfer market. But, with limited budget, you’ve got to be smart.
You need to take a lot of things in consideration like the possibility of getting players in on loan, the possibility of signing players for free and stuffs like that.”

“We have decided to wait and watch. There will be a lot happening towards the end of the month and it’s during that time we will see if we can cash in on any opportunity.”

“For the time being, what’s important for us is to stick together and not to lose the belief. We don’t have to panic. I hope we seal a good deal before the deadline day.”

In the recently played pre season match against the Dutch club Vitesse Arnhem, Freedman had used only one player in the front line i.e. Jermaine Beckford who couldn’t have any impact as Bolton lost by 0-1.