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UweRosler and Peter Reid are front-runners for coaching Bolton Wanderers


After being relegated from the English League Championship, Neil Lennon was sacked from his managerial position in Bolton Wanderers and now the search is underway for the person who is most suitable of taking control of the club that finished in the last position of the 2nd tier English league.

26 defeats, 15 draws and 5 victories is what Bolton Wanderers recorded during the 2015-16 season. It clearly was a dismal campaign for the English club who are now searching for new managers and Peter Reid along with UweRosler are believed to be the 2 managers that are favorites of becoming the new coach at the Macron Stadium.

UweRosler is currently not in charge of any clubs as he was sacked from coaching Leeds United in 2015 and he still hasn’t taken charge of another team. The German manager was only in charge of Leeds United for 12 matches and even though he recently went through a disastrous campaign, he is still a coveted manager in England after what he accomplished with Wigan Athletic.

Peter Reid used to perform for Bolton Wanderers starting from 1974 until 1982 and in this period of time, he was able to make over 200 appearances and he established himself as an iconic figure for the club.

After hanging up his boots, Reid went on to become a manager. A few of the clubs that he has taken charge of have been: Sunderland, Manchester City and Mumbai City just to name a few. Peter Reid is currently free and able to accept any new managerial position; he has recently voiced his desire to coach his former club Bolton Wanderers.

“It’s a great club, I signed as an apprentice aged 15 in 1971 and still live around here so I have a lot of love for it. It’s sad what has happened but you can’t dwell on the past. They have a decision to make on the manager over the next couple of weeks which his very important, they have to get it right.The supporters have had three or four seasons where they are not used to winning, so have the players. You have to change that mentality.’’ Peter Reid said.