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Neil Lennon claimed that he had never lost

Troubled manager Neil Lennon claimed that he had never lost his faith in the players after watching his team get a crucial 1-0 win over Blackburn Rovers.

This was only the second win of the season for Bolton Wanderers, whose last win came way back at the start of the season against Wolverhampton Wanderers. Bolton have been lucky to see most of their rivals not claim to many points during this period. As a result, the club remains only four points away from safety. This victory comes as a major sigh of relief for Lennon, who did not appear to be cut out for the job in the Championship.

The former Celtic manager may have won many league titles at his former club, but he has struggled to achieve results of any consistency at Bolton. Many have viewed this as a direct result of having a poor squad, which Lennon has been unable to strengthen due to budget issues. Bolton have huge amounts of debt and have been involved in a transfer embargo up until now. The transfer embargo was lifted only recently and the club are expected to make some three signings during the January transfer window. Madine scored the only goal of the game with 13 minutes left of normal time.

"The win gives me belief, although I've never wavered from that.There's a quiet satisfaction among the players at the moment, they are tired, but I've told them they have to build on it in the coming games.It is a small step but for the first time in a long while the fans are going home with a smile on their face. We are still fighting and that's the attitude and the motivation that the players have got to have," said the manager after this monumental win.