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Neil Lennon curious to have new entries this season

Neil Lennon is willing for the board permission to make a few signings for Bolton Wanderers this winter.

As per the reports, the manager wants a couple of defenders as well as the strikers to be added to the squad.

Bolton is presently holding the 15th position in the Championship table, having been able to win only one third of their games so far.

To be precise, the Whites have played 24 games out of which they have won 8 and have drawn 5. The rest of the 11 games, they have ended up losing and right now, they have got only 29 points.

The goal differential of Bolton is also on the negative side and that’s obvious with the number of losses that they have suffered.

The first of the players whom Neil Lennon has been reported to be interested in is Nick Powell who belongs to Manchester United.

Powell is one of the finest young players in England at the moment. He has only got into his twenties and has not had much experience but, still because of his sheer talent, he is somebody that the Championship teams should not mind signing.

In the summer, United had placed him on loan to Leicester, but, they did not give the play maker a fair run there and finally terminated the deal the previous week.

But, Lennon is obviously impressed by the guy and he reportedly wants him in his ranks somehow.

Speaking yesterday, Lennon, though, did not take the name of any particular player, but, he did say that there’s a need of some fresh guys in the group.

In the words of the 43-year old Irishman, “Some fresh legs are needed now I reckon. Our squad is one of the shortest.”