Neil Lennon believes that Bolton Wanderers certainly do not deserve

Neil Lennon believes that Bolton Wanderers certainly do not deserve to be at the bottom of the Championship.

Bolton Wanderers have endured a nightmare start

Bolton Wanderers have endured a nightmare start to the pre-season after losing all of their games until now.

Despite this, manager Neil Lennon is confident that his players will turn around the situation and be ready in time for the start of the new season. Pre-season provides a lot of confidence to the players, but it has been the other way round at Bolton. The club has been involved in three pre-season friendlies so far and they have lost every one of them. Their latest defeat came in the game against Morecambe, which is seen as very bad.

Neil Lennon feels that recruitment in the upcoming transfer window

Bolton manager Neil Lennon feels that recruitment in the upcoming transfer window will be a crucial aspect in the club’s future going forward.

Bolton have failed to get promoted back into the Premier League in the last few seasons. There is a danger of the club getting trapped in the second division of English football if they don’t take advantage of the parachute payments that still flow in. The club were relegated into the second tier after the 2011/12 season. The parachute payments will continue until next season and it is already down to just £ 9.6 million per year.


Bolton Wanderers has been experiencing continues Victories

Successive clean sheets and victories is what Bolton Wanderers has been experiencing ever since Neil Lennon took charge of the Football Championship League in October of 2014. The English club experienced a huge revival as Lennon was able to push Bolton from the bottom of the league into the middle spots; all of this was accomplished during the initial 3 months of Neil Lennon in charge of the squad.

Neil Lennon really struggling with his Squad

Neil Lennon and his squad have really been struggling during the month of February as they have lost matches when playing against Liverpool, Derby County, Watford and Nottingham Forest.

It was their defeat against Nottingham Forest that has seemed to trouble Neil Lennon as his team lost 4-1 and the manager from Northern Ireland has placed the blame on themselves as Lennon believes that his players can do better.

Neil Lennon curious to have new entries this season

Neil Lennon is willing for the board permission to make a few signings for Bolton Wanderers this winter.

As per the reports, the manager wants a couple of defenders as well as the strikers to be added to the squad.

Bolton is presently holding the 15th position in the Championship table, having been able to win only one third of their games so far.

To be precise, the Whites have played 24 games out of which they have won 8 and have drawn 5. The rest of the 11 games, they have ended up losing and right now, they have got only 29 points.

Matt Mills happy with Bolton Wanderers

Matt Mills is glad that Bolton Wanderers are not in the relegation zone anymore.

The Wanderers had dropped down to the relegation zone towards the end of last month, but, a couple of consecutive wins against Cardiff City and Wigan Athletic respectively in the first week of November has helped them get to the 21st position in the table.

After the Wigan game, Bolton had actually reached no. 18, but, then, the outcomes of the other games the following day got them down again. However, they remained just above bottom 3.

Davies claims Freedman is responsible for troubles

Former Bolton Wanderers captain Kevin Davies has said that former manager Dougie Freedman is partly responsible for the troubles faced by the club this season. Bolton are at the bottom of the Championship after 11 games this season. The prospect of relegation has become a distinct possibility for the club with more than £ 150 million debt. This could even push them into administration especially given that the Premier League parachute payments have grown very little. Davies, who was the captain of the club for several years before leaving in 2013, says that Freedman instilled a bad atmosphere in the team.


Freedman Faith rewarded

Bolton Wanderers finally managed to pull themselves out of the relegation zone after securing the first win of the season against Rotherham United. Bolton had made a poor start to the season, which raised a lot of questions about the club due to the overhanging financial crisis. Bolton have debts of more than £ 150 million and relegation to the League One will be financially crippling to the club. After six matches in the new season, Bolton were still without a win. This poor record finally ended after a nailbiting 3-2 win over Rotherham.


Freedman Unable To Make Signings

The manager of Bolton Wanderers, Dougie Freedman, wants a quality striker or two desperately, but, he obviously has the budget problem and that’s why, he hasn’t been able to make the signings as per his desire so far. But, the situation is getting panicky now for Bolton. Their frontline appears to be extremely weak.



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